Understanding insurance

It is important to understand how your insurance works to help you. Each person has a plan specific to them. Our experienced front desk staff will verify your individual insurance benefits for you and speak with you prior to your first appointment to explain them to you. Florida Movement Therapy Centers is a Medicare Part B provider and follows Medicare guidelines. 



Medicare Part B covers 80% of physical, occupational and speech therapy. The remaining 20% can be covered by a supplemental or secondary insurance policy. For those that do not have additional insurance plans, it is the patient’s responsibility to cover the remaining 20%. At the beginning of each year, Medicare resets the deductible amount. Treatment under Medicare is determined by medical necessity and should not be stopped based on dollar or visit amounts. Medicare does have guidelines under which therapists work in order to establish medical necessity and justify continued care.


Secondary Insurances

Secondary insurances are based on each individual plan that the patient has purchased. Our experienced front desk personnel works closely with all insurance companies to verify the benefits available to the patient for their therapy treatments. Although we may be out of network with a specific insurance company, often times, patients have “out of network benefits” available to them to use for therapy. 


Commercial Insurance

Commercial plans that have co-payments, co-insurances or patient responsibilities are determined by each individual plan. 


What if I don’t have insurance?

Private pay options are available for those who do not have insurance.


Patients are expected to pay any amount due at the time of their treatment.

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